21 May 2014


There was a time that I miss all my family members, but it's okay..they still mine and we will be together.. the connection of blood i think. But.. when I miss him, the night is full with tears. And I keep telling myself there must be a reason why Allah kept him away from me. I'm waiting for the day that I realize 'Ooo..,this is why.'

19 January 2013

Cooking to Release

Make some lempeng with curry for breakfast, and for tea time kuih cara (^_^)

22 July 2012

Bake some bread (^_^)

Never bake one before..so..just give it try... coz suddenly terasa nak makan bread yg dibuat sendiri. (^_^)

so...here is the doh..

after 30 minutes...

and....time to taste..
(^_^) love it!